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Who we are and What we do

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Double N Farms is a 3rd generation working family farm. Currently our focus is hatching egg production from heavy breeder hen houses, Dorper sheep, and beekeeping.


Because our family’s first priority is ministry, sheep came to our farm as a way to observe their behavior and relationship to the shepherd. Those observations and behaviors grew into a love for these animals, so our flock increased. Currently we run about 50 head of sheep, but expect to increase to approximately 150 head by the end of the 2019 lambing season .


We produce both high-quality, registered breeding ewes and rams, as well as commercial lambs for meat consumption. The Dorper sheep is a hair breed (not wool) originating in South Africa. The breed is known for its ability to adapt to adverse conditions and have a high, flavorful meat yield. We want our sheep to work for us, not ones we have to work for.  We produce sheep for the field, the fair, and the fork.


The sheep graze on pasture year round through rotational grazing. Winter months are supplemented by quality hay. Our poultry provides the organic fertilizer for our pastures, thus minimizing the need for commercial fertilizers.  We practice management-intensive grazing which allows us to be a forage-based operation (grass-fed). We grow forage, and we use sheep to harvest it!


We raise our sheep using the most natural methods as feasible, never supplementing with hormones. Parasite control and life-saving medications are only used as an as-needed basis.  


Our children love the farm as much as we do and are very involved in the daily duties farm life requires. Our two oldest children are currently pursuing degrees in Agricultural related fields.

We were honored to be named White County's Farm Family of the Year in 2007 for outstanding conservation practices, which are still being used today .

We are members of American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society, Mid South Regional Dorper Association, Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers, and Georgia Farm Bureau, where Nathan has served locally as an active board member since 2000 and currently serves on the state Goat and Sheep Commodity committee. Nathan and Tina serve as Land and Leadership Advocates for Georgia Farm Bureau as well.


In addition to farming, Nathan is the Pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church in Cleveland, Georgia. Tina resigned as a public school teacher to raise and homeschool our children, and is very involved in the sheep production. All 3 children are still in school with the two oldest making  plans to pursue degrees in Agriculture.


We are very thankful for the opportunities in ministry and farming the Lord has graciously given. It's often laboring work, but the benefits make it all worth it!

Shop here for local, pasture-raised lamb, pork, and beef!

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