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Registered Breeding Stock

Commercial Stock

Our Dorper Ewe and Ram breeding stock are registered with the American Dorper Sheep Breeding Society. Seed stock are of exceptional quality and genetics and produce impressive ram and ewe lambs.

Yearling and Mature Rams available now!

The Dorper breed is an excellent addition to any commercial flock. Whether you need purebred ewes or rams to add a fuller, leaner meat yield to your flock, or are looking for feeder lambs to finish for your own processing, we can help. Our commercial breeding stock is as well cared for as our registered seedstock. We maintain lambing records and cull toward maintaining ease of lambing, and growth rate. 

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Processed Lamb

Farm to table, processed, packaged lamb. The taste of Dorper is superb! Dorper lamb does not have the “mutton taste” that causes so many Americans to avoid eating lamb. It is succulent and fine textured. The Dorper breed is a hair sheep bred for meat and not wool.  Dorper is a delicate meat with a mild flavor, is extremely tender, and is much leaner than wool breeds. The lower fat content requires minimal trimming and eliminates the strong flavor some find distateful in lamb.   It is lower in cholesterol than both beef and pork.    Contact us for availability. 

Wildflower and Sourwood available now!

Our honey is straight from the hive. It is never heated or processed. 

**Information from the ADSBS pamphlet and website.**