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An Introduction to the Farm, Family and Faith

Hello! I am happy that you decided to visit my blog! My name is Tina Nix, and I am the Shepherd's Wife! Apparently I have a lot to say, so my husband has encouraged me to share it with you. I wanted to tell you a little about myself, so I hope you can take a little time and get to know me. Hopefully you will grow to love my farm, faith, and family as much as I do, and I hope to encourage you along the way!

First Lamb of the Fall! They are so sweet!

My husband, Nathan, and I have been married for 23 years. We have 3 teenagers, 2 girls ages 19 and 13, and a boy, age 16, which makes life pretty much an attempt at organized chaos around here. We live in a whirlwind of coming ins and going outs. It's more chaos than organized, but we try. Nathan is the Pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church in Cleveland, Georgia. I LOVE being a Pastor's wife. For me, it is one of the most fulfilling parts of life aside from being a wife and a mother. Does it have it's challenges? Of course, but what worthwhile thing in life doesn't? I love God's people! They are the best people ever! The benefits of serving Him in that position far outweigh any difficulties that may arise. I am thankful for my role as the (under) Shepherd's wife at our church.

If you have visited the home page of our website, you saw that our family is also involved in farming. The shepherding part of our farm is by far my favorite. While I do appreciate the benefits of the chicken houses, I just don't like the work. Keeping it real and honest here. It's not my favorite. The bees are fun to watch, and I love those ladies, but I don't like the possibility of getting stung. Nathan takes care of the bees outside, but I enjoy extracting the honey and seeing the benefits of his truly painstaking labor! But the best part of the farm for me is the sheep. They are my favorite. To be honest, I sometimes dread the work of building fences, trimming hooves, and pulling lambs in the middle of the coldest, rainy nights. But in the midst of all the work, I can look out at those animals grazing peacefully and content, and it doesn't really feel like work at all. (I am sure when my husband and kids read this they will be sure to remind me of what I said the next time we are working sheep in the middle of a Georgia summer.) Shepherding has taught me so much about my relationship with the Lord. In the way we care for our sheep, I can more clearly see His great care and love for me!

Late night lambing

Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Psalm 100:3

I had much rather talk about Him than me, but getting back on track here...

I have always loved being a southern girl. I was born in Georgia, and grew up in the beautiful town of Hayesville, NC, where my parents and brothers still live. Always a Georgia girl at heart, I prayed for a Georgia husband and got back here as quick as I could! The only girl amongst 3 rough and rowdy boys, it was either "get tough" or "get out of the way". I mostly stayed out of the way. Those boys and my parents strong work ethic prepared me for farm life.

My relationship with the Lord began when I was 16 years old. I got saved in a Sunday morning service. Realizing I had never given my heart to Jesus, I went to the altar. I am so thankful for His love and gift of salvation. Jesus surely changed the course of my life that day, and I will forever be grateful for his mercy and patience with me!

I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, and taught public school for 4 years. After having our first baby, I felt God wanted me to come home to raise my family. One year later, He fulfilled the desire of my heart, and I walked away from my career in Education. We chose to homeschool our children with much help from the Lord. He has seemed to fix everything I messed up! I still homeschool our youngest, and the oldest two are in college pursuing degrees in Agriculture.

Land and Leadership Advocates in Washington, D.C. with Georgia Farm Bureau

Education is still a love I pursue when there is an opportunity. Nathan and I participate with our local Farm Bureau, advocating for agriculture in our community. We teach Ag-related lessons in the elementary schools, and serve in the community for Agricultural events.

So what is the purpose of this blog? I wanted to use a combination of two things I love in life, the Word of God and farm life, to encourage other women who, like me, find themselves in a struggle. Years ago, if you said those two things could ever be connected, I would have disagreed. But God has spent the last several years teaching me life lessons through farming. He has allowed me to see Him in His creation. He has spent time and great consideration in creating and caring for all the things we see, and He delights so much more in His care for us! These are the things God is leading me to share with you.

No fashion tips here - Seriously, I have to seek help with that from my teenage girls. No hair tutorials - The struggle is real. No housekeeping do's and don'ts - We're farmers after all, living in a REAL, WORKING farmhouse, so no white anything here (that's another post altogether). I am just trying to keep everyone alive and fed everyday! We do strive for cleanliness, not picture perfect perfection.

What I hope you will see is a family who loves God and tries our best to live for Him. We fail, make a terrible mess of things, and have bad days and bad attitudes sometimes. We try to be real. We can't win anyone to God by being anything else. This family loves this land and these animals we are responsible to care for. My sincere prayer is that I can be an encouragement to you, because I owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have helped me along when I have felt like quitting.

Be patient, because life here is hectic on a good day! I hope to talk to you soon!!

The Shepherd's Wife

For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. Psalm 100:5


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